ABTMM is constantly working on echoing the voice against female foeticide and infanticide. Save Girl Child campaign and Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign has gained enormous momentum throughout the country. The purpose behind this aim of ABTMM is to create a society void of any criminal offense against women.

Ongoing Projects of ABTMM:

Kanya Suraksha Circle (Girls Security Circle) / Kanya Suraksha Stambh (Girls Security Pillar) / Benches carrying social message of Save Girl Child and improve girl child’s life.

Save Girl Child Movement

The alarming increase of female foeticide drew attention and generated a greater concern amongst the intellectuals, social activists and philanthropists. ABTMM took up this issue and worked tirelessly on this highly sensitive social concern. With the undaunted support of more than 400 branches and over 50,000+ members, ABTMM has taken extreme efforts in educating masses against female foeticide. ABTMM is also constantly working on the issue of educating girl child so that every girl can have bright future thereby contributing towards improved society and prosperous nation.


Self Defence Workshops


Bag Distribution


Sticker-Poster Publicity


Girl Protection Rally


Kanya Suraksha Training


Women Empowerment Workshops

Kanya Suraksha Traffic Island (Girls Security Circle)

Kanya Suraksha Circle

With an impetus on safeguarding the girls, various branches of ABTMM have built Traffic Islands / Pillars and installed benches in nook and corner of the country which gives the message of saving female foeticide and safeguarding their interest for better society and better nation.

Number of Circles/Pillars so far: 95

Number of Benches so far: 1628 (3-Seater)

Personal Excellence Masterclass

A specially designed course for overall all personality development of girls is being conducted so that girls strive to achieve their passion and goal in the life and successfully balance the home and work needs. The course motivates the girls to pursue dreams and follow instincts so as to contribute towards better society and prosperous nation.

Divas in Defence

To keep oneself secure and overcome any untoward circumstances, girls are being trained in defensive courses of self defence. This course gives confidence in girls and a sense of security. The self defence classes boosts the overall dynamic personality of the girls.

  • A film on Save Girl Child Ek Aahvaan was made and received support from all strata of society.
  • Video presentation viz. ‘Shakti’ and ‘Be A Proud Parent of The Girl Child’ had been aired thousands of times over cable TV and theatres.
  • A pre-recorded audio message conveying the preventive measures for female foeticide was played thousands of times.
  • Various types of rallies are organized throughout the country to educate the masses not only to save girl child but also to educate them in proper fashion.
  • Video CD for Women Empowerment Rakshita was also made and circulated on various social platforms.
  • To fight against female foeticide, highest number of special covers were launched and was recorded in Limca Book of Records.
  • Save Girl Child message was printed on Railway Tickets in Association with South Western Railway (India) for over 50000 passengers.
  • The Government of India has been propagating ‘Beti Padhao Beti Badhao’ campaign. ABTMM has been instrumental in propagating this onerous task by way of spreading messages, workshops, seminars etc. The main thrust is to educate the downtrodden strata on the importance of educating girl child.
  • Numerous rallies, workshops, college seminars, TV talk shows, Press Conferences, posters, stickers, pamphlets, greeting cards, carry bags, hoardings, garment tags, diaries, compact discs, calendars etc. are the various modes and methods through which Save Girl Child message was conveyed.
  • Innumerable doctors and hospital were contacted to work against female foeticide.
  • 1700 girls raised their voice against female foeticide through a rally “Why Me”?
  • Signature Campaign for Save Girl Child was highly appreciated by intellectuals.
  • Through regular advertisements more than 10 lakh people were sensitized.
  • Women on Wheels (WOW) Rally was organized to spread the message against female foeticide and improving the lifestyle of girl child.
  • 347900 Pamphlets (in Hindi, English, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali, Telugu, and Punjabi), 14736 Posters, 1033487 Stickers, 5000 T‐shirts, 34000 Circulars, 32100 Caps, 22500 Bags, 11754 Calendars (at Schools and Clinics), 11203 Banners, 23500 Envelops, 2000 Greeting Cards, 8000 Slogans (on Kites), 629157 Messages, 27030 Bands, 98 Picture ‐ Hoardings on Buses, 750 Picture ‐ Posters on Autos, 75000 Tags on readymade garments and 4819 hoardings were put all over India.
  • Essay Competition, Poster Competition, Skits, Painting Competition were organized and 9910 memorandums were given to Administrative & Political authorities against female foeticide. 549282 persons took pledge against female foeticide.
  • Scholarships given to many girls on a perpetual basis under Beti Bachao Beti Padhao program.
  • A beautiful song penned by Sadhvipramukha Kanakprabhaji (Gandhi ke punya vatan me) was recorded and distributed to various schools and organisations.
  • 2 Crore tags for Save Girl Child were distributed.
  • 30000 people participated in marathon race.
  • A movie named "Ab Toh Sambhal" was screened in movie theatres.
  • Another movie "Behana Tumse Hai Kuchh Kehana" on Women Empowerment was also screened in movie theatres.
  • Numerous copies of book titled "Mujhe Bachaao Mera Kya Kasur" (in Hindi, English & Bengali) were distributed for awareness.
Following initiatives were taken under this segment in the last 13 years

We have utilized even the smallest given opportunity to communicate about the subject to every age group as we consider, we all are responsible for any crime in our society. 12 Press Conferences, 93 Doctor’s Conferences & 3261 rallies for Save Girl Child were conducted By ABTMM. We received 549282 Letters of Promise for fighting against female foeticide. A slide show presentation of the 2 CDs viz. ‘Shakti’ and ‘Be A Proud Parent of The Girl Child’ was aired 1500 times on cable TV with the collective efforts of 202 branches. 4 CDs titled ‘Shakti’ and ‘Be A Proud Parent of The Girl Child’ were also projected at cinema halls. 27 women were being stopped from the act of female foeticide. An audio cassette specially recorded for the preventive measures of female foeticide was rendered 10102 times. With the joint efforts of 82 branch mandals slogans strips were aired on TV and Cable. Keeping in view the seriousness of this issue ABTMM took an initiative and made an appeal to 2605 doctors of 919 hospitals to come forward for this issue of social relevance. 1700 girls raised their voice against female foeticide through a rally “Why Me”? ABTMM started Signature Campaign for Save Girl Child which was highly appreciated by intellectuals. Through regular advertisements more than 10 lakh people were sensitized by the exhaustive efforts of the branch mandals.

Holistic Development of a Girl Child

We provide platforms for the holistic development of a girl child by scheduling specially designed workshops for them, vocational training and capsule courses on spiritual learning. These trainings shape and nourish girls with all essential basics and make them strong and knowledgeable enough to face the world.

Stronger Women... Stronger World


Smt. Sarita Daga (National President)

Smt. Nitu Ostwal(General Secretary)

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